Executive Development

Summit Culture believes there is no ‘silver bullet’ of best approach to developing leaders.

Nor will there ever be.

We do believe, however, that development is best when it is in context and for results.

Summit Culture’s focus is on first understanding why, then what, and finally, how to develop.

We do not rely on ‘off-the-shelf’ leadership modules. 

Every customised solution comes from our extensive database of current, curated content.


In Context.

Summit Culture focuses on understanding corporate culture and current situation through key corporate lenses, leading to on-point solution design.

  • People impact on the firm’s Human Capital, both risk and opportunity.
  • Process – changes to the end-to-end operating functions.
  • Product impact to the firm’s outputs? If so, how?


For Results.

Whilst not all initiatives can be objectively measured, we ask the question every time: 

What results are expected and how can they be measured?     

A clear articulation of anticipated results is as important to Summit Culture as it should be to internal stakeholders, sponsors and participants.

With well over 100 years of consulting and executive experience in the Summit Culture team, we have the design capability and the breath of performance measures and tools to deliver a practical and effective solution.

We look forward to asking the question!