What's your 'nudge' phrase?

January 27,2023

HAVING FOCUS is crucial in business and performance coaching, we need to calibrate our progress to determine whether to stay on track or course correct.

One useful technique is a 'nudge phrase' - something that makes sense to you (and maybe others) in the organisation - a reminder of your goals and focus.

In 2021, in the height of the pandemic, the Summit Culture nudge phrase was "BE RELENTLESS" as we continued to push forward through uncertainty. In 2022 it was "GROW - PEOPLE, PROCESS, PRODUCT" as the business expanded scope and footprint.

For 2023, the nudge phrase is "BE. DELIBERATE". The idea that we can show up as the people we are and make choices with purpose, not pushed around by superficial trends or influence(r)s.

Summit Culture is here for a reason; to enable performance in leaders, and get stuff done.

In 2023, we will continue to be deliberate about that.

So what's your 'nudge' phrase?

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