The power of team

July 31,2021

Yesterday over coffee with another coach, was discussing ‘hidden wins’ for our coaching clients – beneficial outcomes that aren't necessarily apparent at the outset. 

Today I was considering this from a different angle- as a business owner, someone with equity in shaping a product for market. Whilst not earth-shattering revelations, I uncovered ‘hidden wins’ that were definitely not part of the Summit Culture 'business plan' (term used loosely) - pleasing & surprising outcomes.

This is not a humble-brag ‘puff piece’ about how amazing life is or how great business is. Things are still tough, we work hard, we are grateful for what comes our way, but it's useful to acknowledge the pluses.
Summit Culture's beginnings in terms of scope and scale were modest…and current state remains so. What has changed is the ‘what’s possible’, both mindset and action. As great coaches and facilitators have allied themselves with the Summit Culture intent, it has opened doors to product development, collaborative upskilling & new ways of working. Not only helpful to the clients, but FUN too.

Great people having fun, doing cool work....never thought it would be quite like this, but very grateful that it is.
Working hard isn't hard when it's fun & worth doing-this year has proved that to me yet again. THANKS TEAM: here's to you & us!

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