SC Team Onsite in HK!

May 27,2024

What. A. Week.

Alchemy '24 was a huge success!

SC held its annual team onsite meeting at the Hong Kong Headquarters, with folks flying in from New Zealand, Tokyo and the UK to be a part of it.

Our theme this year was 'Tip The Balance' - a chance to disrupt our own processes, get a bit uncomfortable and shape our future. Times are good now, which is a perfect time to shape strategy for NEXT.

A series of deliberate and focused sessions with team and clients over 5 days gave further clarity about our future and how to help clients with their challenges.

Let's not forget a lot of fun stuff too! Team dinners, photo shoots at the amazing Mediam Rare Photo Studio, hikes and AI exploration. Truly a week of "GET STUFF DONE...FUNLY".

Thanks to all the team who travelled in and the HK team, who invested time and energy in Alchemy'24.

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