Making Hybrid REALLY work!

September 20,2022

Working from "Second Home" - Update.

Over the past month, the Summit Culture Hong Kong office has been transformed .


We're in a larger office now, and have the rare chance to design the workspace from scratch. The challenge was to keep the best of the 'working from home' benefits, and mix it with the 'must haves' of an office.


So....the result:

** A place we can really feel comfortable in, can work together or alone as needed, and decorate as WE wish!
** Cool stuff that we used to have to go elsewhere for, like a greenscreen area for online modules and a rock climbing training board
** More "stop in for a coffee" visitors - always welcome!
** A better reflection of our "GET STUFF DONE. FUNLY" mindset.

So for those of you thinking about WFH vs WFOffice..... we say GO FOR BOTH!

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