Back from the high!

May 16,2023

After 30 days in the backcountry of the Kanchenjunga region of the Nepali Himalaya, Doc & Deno are back in Kathmandu. A lot lighter, quite a bit hairier, and with plenty of stories to tell - it was a trip with unexpectedly high snowfall, plenty of 'changing the plan as per the conditions', and many amazing experiences in utterly remote and desolate valleys where there were more snow leopards than people.

Lessons in decision making? Check.

Dealing with uncertainty and risk? Check.

Lots of ideas about how to refine the Summit Culture offering for clients? Definitely.

They've finished the trip as better friends and colleagues, and with plenty of vignettes and stories to share with clients.

But first, haircuts, hotel beds and hamburgers !

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